Local Food. Delivered.


Local food direct from farms with a press of a button.

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Farm to table sourcing for restaurants.

Local Bounty at Your Fingertips

Sustainable farm to table sourcing.

Empowering Local Farmers


Empowering the Local Food Community for a Better World.



Farm'd empowers buyers to connect directly with a network of farms, cutting out middlemen and providing fresh food straight from the earth. Gone are the days of paying whatever the distributor decides.

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Do all your business on the Farm’d platform, and we’ll handle everything else. 

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From small family-owned farms to large scale producers, we’re giving you the opportunity to connect to a community of suppliers and buy directly from them.  Learn About New Opportunities.



The Farm’d platform connects buyers and sellers in a completely new way. From company profiles to a personalized marketplace, we’re connecting chefs to the suppliers directly.

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“The great thing about Farm’d is there’s no warehouses, so it’s coming straight from the farm, straight to you.”

– Terry Koval, Restauranteur & Chef