7 Pro Tips for Smartphone Food Photography

When sharing your food with the world, you want your produce and dishes to look as tasty as possible. Take a look at the 7 pro tips below for better food photography with your smartphone.

Find Your Light

Lighting is critical for a great shot. Soft natural light works best, which means you want to shoot early to mid-morning or just before sunset. Be sure to turn off the flash as it washes out your image and make the dish look unappealing!

If you can’t find a window that brings in tons of great light, add a portable clip-on light to your phone or have someone use the light on their phone to help you out.

Use Props

I’m sure you have some spare kitchen towels, garnishes & herbs, condiments, fruit, table decorations, or other items just laying around. Use props to bring color, coziness, and dimension to bring your photo to life.

The Rule of 3

Usually, an odd number of items work best in photography, especially in a square Instagram space. Showcasing three ice cream cones or plates typically gets more likes on social media.  

Frame & Position

The two angles that are best for taking dynamic photos: shooting at eye-level or slightly underneath your subject, and shooting overhead from a bird's eye view. Shooting from overhead can help minimize distractions. Shooting from a lower angle allows you to create a sense of height. A close-up shot and turning your phone upside down can reveal details of moisture, texture, depth, and color.

Add People To The Frame

Occasionally, add people to your photos. Something as simple as a person's hand grasping a glass, chopping vegetables, or grating cheese can make the photo more engaging. Just make sure the subjects are wearing dark, muted colors, particularly black or grey. Bright clothing will draw the eye away from the food.

Take Lots of Photos

You're better off taking 20 photos and getting one spectacular shot, then quickly snapping one or two photos that come out poorly.

Edit, Edit, Edit

There are great apps that help you make photos pop. VSCOCAM, SNAPSEED, and VIBRANTLY are commonly used apps for great photo editing.