Weekly Seasonal Feature: Carrots

As the weather begins to cool, people are beginning to crave soups, casseroles, and other comfort foods. Visiting, Jody’s Farm in Rutledge, GA made me crave one of my favorite vegetables this time of year, carrots.

Carrots are a great item to consider incorporating more into your menu as they compliment hearty dishes and bring beautiful and vibrant color to any plate, which is appealing to patrons tummies and their social media followers!  

Also, vegetables are increasingly becoming more popular in restaurants as Americans try to eat healthier. Carrots have the great advantages of being familiar, attractive, versatile and locally available here in Georgia.

Carrots can be prepared in so many different ways including steaming, boiling, glazing, roasting, braising, grilling, or pickling to name a few.  There are plenty of unique and traditional ways to add these nutritious treats to your menu. Consider a little carrot bacon to a BLT for my vegetarian friends or add some brown sugar glazed carrots as a side dish for those who enjoy a little southern comfort this winter. Make ribbons with a vegetable peeler for a delicious salad or mixed vegetables or try pickling them on an antipasto platter.

What are some of your favorite carrot dishes?