Give Back With Your Business


Fundraising, Charity, and Nonprofits to Involve Your Business in During 2018

Did you know there are huge benefits to donating extra food to charity? It’s true -in fact, farmers can get tax deductions equal to their foods’ peak value if it doesn’t sell.

Farm’d gave back this month with a donation to The Giving Kitchen to provide affordable healthcare to food industry workers.

So, how else can your restaurant or farm glean benefits, acclaim, and the universal warm-fuzzies that come with being involved in charity? Dip your toe into service or revitalize your business’s charitable arm by aiding these three local charities.


The Farmer Fund

This outstanding organization brings relief to Georgia farmers who have been affected by natural disasters. While The Farmer Fund primarily aids farmers, the organization’s bottom line is cultivating Georgians to work with and for each other.

The Farmer Fund works from donations, and the funds raised go directly to people in our community that need them.

Farms that participate in feeding the state of Georgia through farmers markets, CSA’s, and Georgia restaurants are all eligible for your support. Donate to The Farmer Fund and you’ll get an (underrated) calendar featuring Georgia’s farmers and chefs, clothed only in aprons.

Global Growers

Help Georgia’s agriculture marketplace grow by partnering with Global Growers. This Atlanta-based charity is reconnecting international farmers to their trade after they have been displaced due to war in their countries.

These experienced farmers are given hands-on training, land, and agricultural support so they can thrive in the Southeastern United States and continue their professions.

Global Growers has produced over 500,000 pounds of fresh produce in the past eight years. Lend your own talents as a volunteer -get your hands in the mix by farmscaping and preparing garden beds and compost. Or, if you want to support this economy-boosting organization, donate directly to Global Growers here.

Atlanta Community Food Bank

An obvious choice for charity is Atlanta’s Community Food Bank. This non-profit is over 30 years old and well-established in the metro Atlanta area. With a network of over 600 local and regional nonprofit partners, the Atlanta Community Food Bank is a straight shot for helping Georgia’s hungry.

Consider giving directly back to your community by donating your overstocked, short-dated, or unused food here.

This is just the short list of charities working hard to fund a healthy and sustainable food industry in Georgia.

If you’re interested to see how Farm’d is getting involved with nonprofits to give back to you, check out our blog post on our $5k donation to The Giving Kitchen, which supports chefs and food workers in need of health care assistance.