Celebrate National Pig Day

Respect the Pig, Eat the Pork

Happy National Pig Day! We’ve been celebrating pigs since 1972 when Mary Lynne Rave and her sister Ellen Stanley decided “to accord the pig its rightful [...] place as one of man’s most intellectual and domesticated animals.” As is tradition, poor up the pink pig punch, and read on to find out how best to celebrate our farm friends.


Pigs aren't fat. They're Rubenesque."

-Mary Lynne Rave

Celebrate in Georgia

While you are absolutely welcome to reach for the ribs and arrange an awesome charcuterie board, we’ve got a few other ways to give a nod to these smart creatures.

We suggest using this amazing holiday to connect with your Farm’d community to see where Georgia’s hogs are at! Last we checked, Grassroots Farms is just one of Georgia’s farms that is killing the game with their pasture raised pork. And take a number for the next time their Southern Hog t-shirt is back in stock so you can show up all your friends at the next BBQ. Log in to Farm’d platform to see your entire selection of pork.

Not in the market for pork? Celebrate with Atlanta’s National Pig Day Virtual Race -if you’re into that. Run a marathon, receive 2018 National Pig Day mometoes. The race starts at 7 p.m., but you could also just donate the $18 to the Food Resource Bank, which is where the marathon proceeds are headed, anyway.

In Support of Swine - Pig Facts

  1. The 1995 movie classic Babe used over 40 Large White Yorkshire pigs as the main character Babe, since the filming took over three years to wrap.
  2. Teacup pigs have become an unfortunate “trend” to keep as a pet because many owners are not prepared for them to grow to be between 30 and 300 pounds.
  3. The most expensive pig is being sold for $4,600 per leg. The jamon is cultivated for over ten years on the southern side of the Sierra de Aracena, Spain.