AgTech Update: 3 Tech Stories You Missed in February

February may be a short month, but there hasn’t been a shortage of food and tech happenings. This month, read about the law Georgia politicians may overturn for the benefit of restaurants, and new tech that will help both farmers and consumers take better care of their foods.

Read on for the Farm’d Restaurant Round-Up, featuring three current stories that you may have missed this month.

New Drone Assists Farmers Like Never Before
A Boston startup company is funded for another $2 million and almost ready to send out self-sufficient drones for farmers across the nation. This drone system, affectionately named Scout, is incredibly practical and more cost efficient, which is what has attracted many farmers to the platform. Able to cover 1000 acres in a day, charge, and upload data collected from the fields to the farmer’s cloud-based system, this drone is revolutionary in the way that it doesn’t need any human interference.


Food Waste Not Want Not

Of all the problems in the world, food waste may be the most tragic. In the U.S. alone, Americans waste enough food to fill a football stadium every year -meanwhile 41 million people can’t afford to eat. That’s why new tech innovations are stepping up to the plate to make things right for hungry people around the world. Apps like Too Good to Go and Food for All are allowing people to capitalize on food that is about to be thrown out at restaurants near them. These companies are focused on saving food that would be wasted by putting it in hungry consumers’ hands for cheap.

Georgia Moves For Boozy Brunch
In case you missed it, the Georgia Senate moved (again… for the third time in 3 years) to allow restaurants and retail stores to serve alcohol on Sundays. Well, not all day. Just an hour and a half earlier. State senator Renee Unterman’s “mimosa mandate” proposes the allowance of liquor sales at 11a.m. instead of 12:30p.m. If passed, this bill is predicted to generate around $25,000 in annual revenue for restaurants, which would be a more-than-welcome boost to our state’s independent businesses.

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