Monthly Seasonal Feature: Peas

This month, the chill in the south is no match for consumers' need for peas.

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Trends are showing that Americans everywhere are making a slow but noticeable change to eating less meat. From health and cost benefits to the welfare of the environment, people across the country are turning to flexitarian diets for lots of reasons.

"Flexitarian" refers to consumers that are opting to make vegetables their main sources of protein, though without cutting meat from their diets entirely. With this trend, consumers are eager to revamp their eating habits by adding peas into their meals.

Peas Pass as the Perfect Substitute

More and more people are predicted to reach for pea protein to reap the benefits of the legume in a variety of forms. As understanding about plant-based protein rises, the tech industry will meet consumers to bring the veg-protein to the shelves. As of now, pea protein has found its highest markets here in the Americas and in Europe.

Pea milk is also in vogue this winter, as it becomes a hearty substitute for consumers with dairy and nut allergies. A serving of pea milk is packed with vitamins D, B12, and plenty of calcium and is widely available in box and local stores around the state.

Meet with your community on the Farm’d platform to see where peas are growing in Georgia. The cold snap was tough on some winter vegetables, but be sure to keep an eye on your farm connections to see when the legume will be available for your tables this spring.

Pea Recipes to Please

Don’t shy away from new uses of peas -consumers are hungry for it! Shake up your menus and get inspired by browsing these three recipes, which utilize peas in different ways.

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Parsnip & Peas Rosemary Soup

Take a sharp right turn away from split pea soup with this beautiful and bright version that is fresh with rosemary.

Spinach, Pea, & Edamame Risotto

Mature flavors make up this delightful winter dish. White wine mixes with the saltiness of soy sauce and come together for this seasonal bite.

Sugar Snap Pea Salad with Pine Nut-Kasha Granola & Ricotta

Snap peas make up the bulk of this recipe. With a crunch from homemade granola and a sublime creamy ricotta, this heavy salad is as beautiful as it is unique.

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