March Into Spring With Seasonal Fruits & Veggies

As much as we all love carrots, cabbage, and broccoli, it’s time to warm up to some spring pickings. A drastic winter was brutal to a lot of Georgia’s produce and many of us have been looking forward to today -the first day of spring! And, according to experts, it's going to be warmer than usual.

The news is good for the Peach State if you’re over below freezing day-time highs.
— Deb Belt, Patch, National
georgia spring produce.png

While we’re ready to move past the frost and shed our coats, some Southerners are already feeling down about the persistent rain. The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts an abnormal amount of rain -more than 6 inches are in our future, which is 2 inches more than a normal year. Shake out the umbrellas!

Besides the rain, warm up to seasonal produce, which is now available on Farm'd.

Georgia’s spring season always delivers bright and fresh flavors to wake your taste buds up from a bitter winter freeze. These fruits and veggies are marching into the spring season straight from Georgia fields to your plates.


Imagine a fresh spring salad -with creamy mozzarella, tomatoes, and a balsamic vinaigrette. Shake your senses awake from the winter cold and add the kick with this peppery little green, found at Bloomsbury Farm, and micro at Aluma Farm.


Asparagus sales are rising while asparagus prices are dropping. The amount of pounds sold in 2016 increased by more than 11% from the past year, pointing to a consumption trend that isn't slowing down.

While consumers are hungry for asparagus year-round, now is its time to shine. Get some of this seasonal favorite from Georgia fields at Lewis Taylor Farms.


We're just begging Georgia foodmakers to bring cardoons to Georgian's palettes. Is it the thistles, the preparation, or the all-around foreignness of this veg that keeps it from the locals' kitchens? Whatever the reason, we Southerners aren't getting enough of this hearty vegetable.

Show Georgians how to step away from the artichoke dip with cardoons, now growing on Jody's Farm.


Like cardoons, many consumers are excited about herbs but confused about the lesser known ones, like chervil. That doesn't mean that's not what the people want, though! Get your state's palette watering for fresh new dishes that can be accentuated by or feature Georgia-cultivated herbs.

Green Strawberries

Mention "fried green tomatoes" to anyone in Georgia and heads will start spinning. Although we're not suggesting you fry up any green strawberries (because you could), we think the bright flavor and firm texture of the green strawberries would be right at home on any Southerner's plate.

They're now being harvested at Lewis Taylor Farms, so grab them while they're green.

Join the Farm'd community or browse all of the Georgia-grown selections on the Farm'd platform and plan a meal to welcome Spring into your life.