Monthly Seasonal Feature: Asparagus

We’re expecting a warm spring here in Georgia, so our team is brainstorming all the best foods to wake up our seasonal palettes. The Peach State is on top of its game once the trees start blooming, guests return to dining al fresco, and spring food starts peeking from the fields. We’ve found some compelling evidence pointing to Georgians eyeing asparagus as a seasonal favorite this month.

Asparagus: the first harbinger of spring in the vegetable kingdom.
— Modern Farmer

South Georgia Soil


With a reported increase in demand for the Easter holiday, now is absolutely the time to savor asparagus. We’re particularly excited about the spring harvest from Lewis Taylor Farms -the asparagus coming from this southern land is perfect to welcome in the new season.

Georgians are interested in asparagus this month -trends are showing more and more searches for the perennial plant. In Georgia alone, Google searches for asparagus have jumped from 50 searches in January to over 100 per day in these days leading up to April.

Asparagus doesn’t need much to turn heads. Add a pinch of baking soda into cooking water to keep your asparagus looking greener on the plate. A simple squirt of lemon, or a rich hollandaise adds the perfect punch to this fresh veg. Alternatively, check out these asparagus-centric recipes to get your mind in gear for the new season.

Pickled Asparagus

Everyone gets the whole “pickled cucumber” idea, but how about a pickled asparagus spear as a fresh garnish? Asparagus has 13% more vitamin C per serving than cucumbers, so don’t hesitate to shake things up a little. Pickle asparagus with your preferred method and add some dill, also available fresh on the Farm’d marketplace.

Quick Cook

If you aren’t going to use water to cook your greens, there are other quick-cook methods that work well to keep your asparagus crunchy and tender. This easy stir-fry method coaxes out freshness with heat and garlic.

Chilled Asparagus Soup

Think inside the bowl with this cool spring soup. Mixed with spinach, onions, and asparagus, you won’t be missing taste with this idea. Pureed to “velvety perfection” and finished with the delectable asparagus tips, this soup is already singing spring.

Whatever your preparation, make sure you enjoy asparagus while it’s here! Keep up with our monthly seasonal features on the Farm’d Blog by following us on Facebook and Instagram, so you don’t miss out on the next spring treat.