AgTech Update

This month technology and food were really working hand-in-hand. Recipes on stone, smart speakers that order food, and more money in the industry means we're headed in the right direction. If you missed these cool innovations, read more about them below.

Alexa Knows You’re Hungry

The war among smart speakers is heating up as other companies start building innovations for Alexa, Siri, and Google. A new software is up to bat for team Alexa -one that will help satisfy your most abrupt food cravings. Orderscape is creating a voice-reading software that will allow you to ask your Amazon Alexa smart speaker to order for you from nearby restaurants. Simple and sweet, you can ask your speaker for a salad and Alexa will offer you options. What’s better than food at your fingertips?

Back To The Drawing Board

We as a food-loving people have progressed from ink and quills to handheld Internet tablets to keep our thoughts and words in order. We have so many options -cellphones, cookbooks, screens in our refrigerators- to keep our recipes displayed, but they all come with one huge drawback for anyone that loves being in the kitchen -water. So, Bookblock is thinking ahead by sending us back with the Stone notebooks to keep handy notes in potentially messy areas. Tech is innovation, not necessarily machinery or software, so we’ll call this a tech win!

AgTech Heats Up

Technology seems to be all computers, algorithms, and machine innovations. But it’s also collaboration. That’s why, last year, trends showed that technology is working overtime with our food systems. These are solid facts -more and more people are investing big money in technology companies that are in the business of disrupting and improving our food systems. Last year over $10 billion were invested in technology companies and startups that work for, through, and with the food industry. Check out AgFunder’s Agrifood Tech Investing Report to see just how well-supported this industry crossover is.

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