Monthly Seasonal Feature: Duck

We’ve got the duck of your dreams coming straight from White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, GA. We can’t wait for you to take this often-underappreciated ingredient and turn it into an elegant bestseller.

White Oak producers point out that the best duck has crispy skin and tender meat. “Keep in mind,” they note, that the Pekins available on Farm'd “have less fat than commodity birds.” So confit could definitely be a great application with some slow heat. Scroll on to see how other chefs in your state are cooking up Georgia duck.

Preparing Pekin Peking

Try saying that five times fast. Duck is always a treat, delicate enough to be served on a small plate or scrutinously prepared for entree presentation. Available on Farm’d is Pekin, a clear buy, priced right for a night’s special. 

Check out how our community has showed duck off.

Get duck now to prep for this week’s local special or snag it while it’s still on Farm’d and cook it until its a tender delicacy that even the French would tip their caps to.

Sweet and sour may be popular, but go duck wild, chef, and easily show off your plate on social by using the hashtag #FarmdFresh in your post so we can share it with the community.

See you here next Tuesday, Farm'd family!