Bring Your Future Farmer To Work Day

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Farming is a full time job. Parenting is a full time job. Take some time off and celebrate Bring Your Child To Work Day today and show your children what you do daily when you’re not on the clock as Mom or Dad.

Inspire A New Generation of Farmers

Working on a farm is as much a job as it is a lifestyle. More time goes into a career as a farmer than many of us even realize. The hours spent in the fields are just part of the job -and many of America’s farmers work overtime as full time parents. 

Only 6% of our nation’s farmers are under the age of 35. According to the USDA, almost two-thirds of America’s farmers are set to retire within the next two decades, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone to take over. 

Give your child the opportunity to understand where their food comes from and open their eyes to your world by taking them on a journey of your day to day work life. 

If they live and work with you on your farm, take your child to another local farming operation that is different from your own to give them a 360 degree perspective on our food systems. “Even if they are interested in your work, you need to expose them to other things,” Carolyn McKecuen, president of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation says here.

How To Inspire Your Children

  • Think Ahead
    • A lot of parenting is done on the fly because kids can be unpredictable. Be sure to have a plan of action for Take Your Child To Work Day and stay flexible to deviate from that plan in case of unforeseeable accidents.
  • Ask Your Child Questions
    • Have genuine conversations with your children today, about what they want to do or what they are passionate about. It may not be farming, and that’s okay. The point of your day together is to learn more about what you do and teach them lessons you’ve learned yourself.
  • Make It A Party
    • Invite other children in your family or children from the neighborhood to take a trip to the farm for Take Your Child To Work Day. Farming is (objectively) cooler than the majority of other careers out there so take the chance to expose a group of young people to our food systems. 

Inspire Through Farm'd

Many Georgians don’t know that agriculture is coming to its breaking point, with farmers over the age of 65 outnumbering farmers under 35 by a margin of six to one. Keep your local community alive by doing business with them.

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