$15k for a Grilled Cheese? We're On Board This National Grilled Cheese Month

Cheese is like that cool kid from high school that wasn’t a part of any of the cliques, but was still invited to every party. Creamy, crumbly, or melty, cheese definitely has lots of friends and can be paired with the most unexpected ingredients to be the absolute life of the party. 

Of course, cheese is best friends with bread and the flat top. That’s why it’s no surprise that we are celebrating National Grilled Cheese month this April. Honestly, we think the only thing cheese can’t do is sit alone during lunch.

Celebrate in Georgia

As far as comfort food goes, grilled cheese takes the top spot in this national survey. So what kind of ingredients are Georgians looking for in the perfect grilled cheese? Reviews and surveys point to almost any cheese + bread combo, as long as it’s over-the-top decadent and deliciously melted.

Give the people what they want by creating a grilled cheese better than any grilled cheese made before. Do that, and you may get a $15k cash prize because this year the Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Academy is holding a national recipe contest. Enter your prize-winning grilled cheese into one of four categories and share your comfort food classic to the world.

If you’re hungry or looking for inspiration, visit some of the best joints in Georgia serving grilled cheeses in Atlanta, Gwinnett, and Athens-area eateries.

And trust us, there is amazing cheese being made outside of Wisconsin. Get your hands on the best cheeses in your state through the Farm’d platform right now. Check out the gallery below to find the local producer that will make your grilled cheese dreams come true.