Meet the Farm'd Team Tuesday: Hannah Damico

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I'm traveling to taste the freshest food in the world.

Hannah Damico

Before she heads to SCU this fall, Hannah is helping Farm’d connect ag + food powerhouses in what is arguably the most fun way -online social media.

If you think food media is reaching its peak (60 second recipe videos, gorgeous table spreads, how-to butcher articles, etcetera, etcetera)… don’t worry!

You just aren’t connected to your interests -yet.

Hannah is using her social media savvy to find, connect, and share the local chefs, producers, and content that vibe with your business.

Scouring the web to make the best connections possible with the best people in Georgia, Hannah is making sure social media is simple and effective for your business. We know Farm’d works best when we collaborate, and Hannah keeps your community engaged and informed on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Thanks for being a part of the food revolution, Hannah! Shout out our team by following us on Instagram and Facebook, where we’ll be introducing you to the Farm’d team each week.