Georgia Mushrooms Are Growing On Local Food Menus

While most mushrooms are grown and travel hundred of miles from other states, Georgia shrooms are progressively appearing on local food-forward menus.

Do you know where your mushrooms are coming from? Mushrooms go bad, fast, once plucked from their dark, humid environments. The very best way to take advantage of mushrooms’ week-long lifespan? Get them into your kitchen within hours of being harvested.

Many mushrooms available to restaurants and retailers are low-cost and shipped in from different regions of the U.S. Of course it makes sense that produce that has bounced all the way across the country costs next to nothing.

Once all is said and done in your local food scene, Georgia-grown mushrooms ordered through Farm’d travel an average 2 hours to get to your kitchen. 

Check out the graphic below to see just how fresh mushrooms bought through Farm’d are in comparison to massive wholesale distributors.


How are mushrooms prepared on your menus?

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