Farm'd Farmer's Guide - Tetragonia

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Have you gotten your hands on the tetragonia growing at Levity Farms? The perennial plant, also known as New Zealand spinach, is not only widely used among knowledgeable chefs, but it's also a favorite of the local producers that grow it. 

"Tetragonia is comparable to a much hardier spinach," Richards says. "It also grows on a nifty stem, which is completely edible!"

Read on for some quick tetragonia inspiration, provided by Levity Farm's own Zach Richards.

new zealand spinach

Tetragonia is comparable to a much hardier spinach.

Zach Richards of Levity Farms


Farmer-Approved Tetragonia Preparations

At the Levity Farms homebase Zach enjoys preparing tetragonia both cooked and raw. He recommends utilizing the leaves for salad or garnish, while the stems can be used separately. Use heat on the hearty stems to sauté, purée, or for "some other creative purpose."

The options for this leafy green are limitless. Below is how Levity Farms uses the tetragonia coming directly from their fields for some real-deal farm-to-table preparations.

Cast Iron Blister

Cast irons are the workhorses of the kitchen and will treat tetragonia right. At Levity, Zach and his partner Ilana "blister the stems in [their] cast iron, with the leaves still attached."

Use olive oil, salt, and garlic and let the leaves wilt away in your seasoned skillet for a savory and simple preparation.

Soup Leaves

Tetragonia leaves are hearty and just right for soup. Add the green into your mix towards the the end of cooking for an added healthy punch.

Green Smoothies

Experiment using tetragonia raw. Use "the stems in smoothies for extra iron," Zach recommends. Add sweet fruit and proteins for a powerful treat to get your day started on the right foot.

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