Meet Your Local Farmer - Zach Richards and Ilana Margulis at Levity Farms


Are you looking for something special to stock your kitchens and fill your guests plates with? Look no further. Levity Farms is a family-owned operation, and farmers Zach Richards and Ilana Margulis are producing exclusive varieties of small-batch crops grown specifically with chefs in mind.

New farms and products are slowly starting to stock your kitchen shelves and it may not be such a surprise. Many more chefs (and consumers, too!) are ordering small-batch and specialty crops and products because small-scale farmers command almost one-fourth of America's agricultural land.

This means there are more opportunities for you to grab some unique local food from the people that are growing and raising it for you. At this rate, the products grown and raised by new farmers total 15% of all products sold direct.

Zach and Ilana have been growing at Levity Farms for two years, which is more than enough time to cater to Atlanta's specialty tastes with diverse and robust crops. "We do some different specialty crops that you can't really find other places," Richards says.


Our intention with the farm is to grow specifically for chefs.

Zach Richards of Levity Farms

Levity Farms offers their seasonal and specialty produce on the Farm'd marketplace where chefs can buy and communicate directly with Zach and Ilana.

Atlanta-area chefs are taking advantage of this easy avenue of buying direct, and Levity Farms is thriving with a diverse community of chefs supporting their work. Below is a dish made with Levity's fresh tomatoes that Zach and Ilana hand-delivered to South Main Kitchen when the kitchen was in a pinch.

We love growing for chefs like these guys [at South Main Kitchen], who get just as excited about fresh, tasty produce as we do!
— Zach and Ilana of Levity Farms

It’s true that there are a lot of chefs that want to use local food and buy directly -this survey shows local food trends across the country. It’s also worth restating that Levity Farms is overseen by Zach and Ilana only. “That’s why we love Farm’d -because of the direct connection to chefs.”

Take the opportunity to put a face to the names, order from local farmers, and receive beautiful and carefully tended-to products directly through Farm'd. Learn more about Zach and Ilana's personal favorite preparations for their products, which is being grown, sold, prepared, and eaten with rave reviews.

If you're interested in more information about Levity Farms, check out some of the shots of their seasonal products, or sign up for Farm'd now and have the real deal in your kitchen this week!

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