The Farm'd Difference

What makes Farm’d Unique?

It can be hard, as chefs, to choose a produce supplier. Your customers crave local ingredients, and while you, too, would like to support your local farmers, logistics and limited resources can make this tricky. Alternatively, choosing simple logistics sacrifices the freshness of your ingredients, leaving your products to sit in warehouses for days.

Farm'd bridges this disconnect and requires no compromise. We make working with local producers and growers easier, and more equitable for everyone. Our uniqueness is our secret to success:

We are Direct.

When you choose Farm’d, your goods arrive straight from the farm. This means that the food didn’t sit for weeks in a warehouse, or pass through several steps to get to your kitchen door. You place an order with Farm’d, and then it’s picked up by our delivery drivers and brought to you.

Not only does the food come directly from the source, but the money you spend is going directly to the farmer. They set their prices on our marketplace, ensuring a fair system for the men and women who grow and produce our food. American farmers are making less money than ever before in our country's history, only making 14 cents of the food dollar, we are seeking to change this. We strive to get you the freshest food possible while sustaining our farmers and their livelihoods.

We are Transparent.

You know where your money is going when you work with us: to the farmers. Working with a distributor or wholesaler means that there are a lot more people taking a cut before the farmer gets their share. We disrupt that system by cutting out the middlemen. The farmers and producers set their prices on our marketplace and can adjust as needed. We charge a small fee and they receive the rest.

There’s also transparency in the knowledge that you know where your food is coming from. It’s not coming from a commercialized farm in California. It’s coming from a farmer whose name you know, a person within our community, with their own story. You can translate this story with your customers, through your food and your businesses transparency. Your patrons can eat with confidence, knowing your restaurant values community and freshness.

This System is Favorable.

When you work with Farm’d, everyone wins. The farmers receive their fair share, your customers eat better, and your life is simplified. As a chef you save money, support your community, and produce your freshest creations, fostering success across the board.

Hannah Damico