Why Farm'd is Nuts About Jaime Foster and Georgia Grinders

We are nuts about Jaime Foster, founder of Georgia Grinders Premium Nut Butters and we have good reasons why.

Jaime’s inspiration to start her company in 2012 came from her Grandfather’s recipe from the ‘70s. He was motivated to better his health after being predisposed to cardiovascular disease. He lost both of his brothers when they were in their early fifties. So, being innovative, a true engineer at heart, he started focusing on clean ingredients, which nobody was focused on back in the ‘70s. He was determined to live past the mid fifties by eating clean and healthy and that’s where this almond butter was born.

Jaime's grandfather spent a lot of time tinkering with different varieties of almonds, the roasting process, the grinding process, and took a lot of pride in shipping that almond butter all over the country to his kids and his grandkids.


Jaime is carrying on her grandfather's legacy…

Jaime believes (and we do too!) nut butters are of the most versatile pantry staples due to their clean and simple flavor profiles which is why she is so excited to be working with Farm’d to provide nut butters to chefs.

“It really lets the chef become creative and make something for his or her clientele that’s going to be pleasing. Whether that’s sweet or savory.” Jaime says.


Georgia Grinders at Fellows Cafe in Roswell, Georgia.

Her products include, almond butter, peanut butter, cashew butter, pecan butter, and hazelnut butter, all made in a variety of flavors with clean and simple ingredients. You will never find additional sugar or oil in any of Georgia Grinders products. All of the ingredients used are of nutritional importance, from their quality of fats, to their higher mineral, vitamin and antioxidant levels, each nut has a relevant place in the diet.

Jaime gave us a rundown of her favorite ways to incorporate Georgia Grinders throughout the day.

“For Breakfast, there’s nothing better than pancakes or French toast topped with our maple caramel or cinnamon vanilla pecan peanut butter.” When it comes to savory dishes, she always leans towards more Asian inspired dishes paired with different proteins, veggies, stir-frys, etc.

For dessert, cookies take the cake in Jaime’s heart. “The gooier the better”. Any cookie that uses hazelnut butter when combined with chocolate is a real winning combination in Jaime’s book.

Surprisingly, Jaime also uses Georgia Grinders in many after-dinner drink recipes. This idea was inspired by a failed dinner party dessert. She had made homemade peanut butter ice cream that just didn’t work out and thought, “Let’s turn this into an after dinner drink!” She added a little bit of Bailey’s, Kahlua and Vodka and it was the hit of the party. So, yes, the possibilities are endless. Jaime is always encouraging people to think outside of the jar when it comes to nut butters.

How will you incorporate Georgia Grinders into your menu?

You can shop Georgia Grinders on the Farm'd online marketplace for your restaurant, coffee shop, grocery store, or commercial kitchen.

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Julia Kahn