6 Ways Food Tech Will Save Your Valentine’s Day Date

Try the virtual mixologist to really impress them.

It’s national date night in the United States and you need to show your special someone that you care. Avoid all the usual bad-date pitfalls by using these tech suggestions to skip to the romance. Oh -and don’t forget the gifts!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to fire up the economy in your area. Chefs all over Georgia are preparing the season’s freshest courses for intimate evenings -don’t ignore this opportunity and be sure to make a reservation somewhere local. It’s just too good to miss!

And no worries -we have all the tech tools you’ll need to save the perfect night even if it starts to go sour.

Tech-Crafted Cocktails

Start by treating a loved one to some Valentine’s Day treats that you’ve prepared. A signature drink and cut-to-order bouquet are gestures that are simple with some tech help, and definitely won’t go to waste.

Get the night shaking with a smooth or spicy cocktail -handcrafted by you, of course. If you aren’t quite a mixologist, don’t worry! The Perfect Drink Pro is a tool designed to help you craft almost any date-worthy drink you can think of with a Bluetooth-integrated scale.

Try the White Alley Marble by Old Fourth Distillery, which will have you mixing Atlanta-made vodka, coconut milk, and ginger beer. The recipe below:

Also get off to a good start with a small token of your love: flowers. Like Farm’d, there are other tech companies doing all the work to get what you need -fast. Use the Bouqs farm-to-table section or BloomThat to buy a cut-to-order bouquet from a local or international florist and receive them by tomorrow.


Secure The Best Seat In Town

Where is your reservation for? Did you snag one at Atlanta’s best-rated Valentine’s Day restaurants? If not, and you need a last minute reservation at the most romantic restaurant in Georgia, use Nowait to decide which restaurants won’t make you stand in the lobby waiting before your meal.

And, finally, if all else fails, you should absolutely order for delivery. There are plenty of chefs across Georgia preparing plates for diners across town -so don’t miss out on their delicious holiday meals. It’s only becoming more popular, so a Valentine’s Day delivery may just be avant-garde enough to impress your date.

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