Why You Should Only Source Your Eggs From Local Farmers

“When you cook a fresh egg it is is so different from cooking a store-bought egg,” agriculturalist John Gasstrom says. Commercial eggs make up a certain amount of America’s landscape, but the need for farm fresh eggs is only rising as their exceptional advantages are revealed.

Below, egg farmers John is sharing all the benefits of buying farm fresh eggs like the ones they sell at their family-owned farm, Alternative Eggs. Read on for quick insider tips and legitimate advice on utilizing some of the freshest eggs in the country.

Why You Should Source Farm Eggs From Family Farms

There are three basic benefits of sourcing farm eggs from your area’s local producer. Farm eggs are both fresher and healthier than commodity eggs, and farm eggs are humane. At small and family owned egg farms like Alternative Eggs, flocks have room to roam on pastures that are perfect for foraging for bugs and seeds.

This contributes to extra happy birds and a farm fresh egg you can crack in a hot pan and “the white stands up in the pan,” John says.

Now that’s fresh. And just how healthy are pasture-raised bird eggs?

Local Duck Eggs Nutrition

Now over two years in operation, Alternative Eggs is a farm that grew considerably from a family passion for humanely-raised animals as well as past work in the fitness business. “We were very interested in healthy lifestyle choices,” John says. “And the ratios of fats to proteins in the eggs [...] made for a very ideal nutrient-packed delivery system for food.”

The eggs that are laid by pasture-raised hens have less fat and cholesterol, and more healthy vitamins because of the birds’ nutrient-rich and natural diets.

Duck eggs, specifically, are lauded over for their health benefits, toting an all-together higher nutritional value than chicken eggs, farm-fresh or otherwise. Chicken eggs are convenient and accessible -they’re what consumers are used to seeing on grocery store shelves.

But other eggs, like duck eggs and quail eggs, are desirable to professional chefs for their delicacy, and the different advantages farm eggs possess. John notes that people that really have that sophisticated palate can tell the difference between a commodity white egg and a farm fresh egg delivered straight from the fields.

How To Cook Duck Eggs

At Alternative Eggs, John looks after a wide variety of birds: chickens, ducks, turkeys, guinea hens, quails, and more. With this selection of eggs found in their backyard, these farmers have refined their favorite ways to use them:

Unique Uses for Eggs

farm fresh eggs

“There’s tons of interesting things you can do with eggs,” John says. “Like deconstructing and reconstructing eggs and separating the whites and the eggs and cooking them and then putting them back together.”

Boiled Healthy Eggs

For a quick pick up, “I’ll boil up a dozen eggs every Sunday, and grab a few for breakfast every morning. A hard boiled egg makes a great little snack or breakfast on-the-go. And it’s delicious.”

Baker’s Paradise

“Duck eggs are the pastry chef’s secret weapon,” John says. “Their white holds more air when you beat it, so it makes a fluffier cake -but the yolk adds moistness. So it’s fluffier and moister at the same time -it kind of defies logic.”

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