April AgTech Update

This month, we’ve seen some savvy chefs and farmers using the simplest tech in ways that are absolutely life changing. Technology can sometimes be confusing -codes, errors, and privacy are still new to many, but it’s clear that even the smallest innovations can help the food world make more sense.

From inspiring a young generation of future farmers to software and studies that changed the course of food history, here’s the AgTech Update with the news you’ve missed this month.

FaceTime A Farmer Inspires New Generation of Agriculturalists

Using one of the most standard features of a cell phone, agriculture is inspiring entire classrooms of children. FaceTime a Farmer is a breakout organization that is working collaboratively to bring a farmer directly to primary and secondary schools in the UK. Using standard video chat software, the program allows children to interact directly with their country’s farmers and fields while having the chance to ask questions and get real time answers. For our world’s younger generations, this mode of learning is the perfect medium.


Tearless Onions Hit the Market

Have you ever tried anything crazy to keep your eyes from tearing up while cutting onions? Chewing gum, cutting onions underwater… protective eyewear? If your eyes can’t stand the sting, this news is for you. Scientists at Bayer have created the Sunion aka, a yellow onion without the ability to bring you to tears. Followed by the narrowing down the chemical reactions that lead to tears, the Sunion is being released slowly into markets across America. Cheers to solving problems for our foodie friends! 

Software Dams the Food Waste Flood

Speaking of research, we as humans have got to come to terms with the facts and figures that point to an overwhelming amount of food waste on our planet. Once we can wrap our heads around the stadiums worth of wasted food, we’ll be ready to use these innovative phone apps that combat the problem. By selling almost-spoiled food at a discounted price or giving restaurants easy avenues to donate leftovers, these apps are jumping on board with the idea of a sustainable food industry. 


Bonus News: Cow Art of the Month

Farmers are multitalented. This month Derek Klingenberg used a drone to get a snapshot of his herd, after nudging them to pose for about ten minutes.

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