Meet Your Local Chef: Brian Crain at Good Word Brewing and Public House

An executive chef, inside a brewpub, serving exclusively local food. This is not just your average brewpub menu, but we’ll let the food speak for itself.

Good Word Brewing & Public House is doing real good food, outside the Perimeter, and they are taking it to the next level. With a menu packed full of the state’s freshest finds, Executive Chef Brian Crain and his staff are giving their neighborhood an entirely new way of eating farm-to-table. 

“The level of food we’re doing, the quality of the local food that we have -working with local farmers and growers -nobody’s really doing that around here,” Crain says.

Sourcing local ingredients, from farms across the state, for a specialized menu isn’t easy, but Crain feels that Good Word has the unique opportunity to bring something new to their area.

And, since their November ‘17 open, they’ve been “very well received by the community.” There’s something about a welcoming space, good people, and incredible food that bring an area together.

Walking into Good Word, guests are made comfortable in an open air dining space with lofty roofing, floor-to-ceiling windows, and classic twists. The bar is an incredible statement in the room, as an expansive rectangle topped with white marble and accented with brass tap handles and custom cork coasters.

The restaurant also touts an inhouse brewery, full dining service, and Crain’s courteous and knowledgeable kitchen. If you step back into the kitchen you can see a focused staff in motion, learning and creating.

“Across the board, we want everybody to just be having fun and learning -not ever getting stagnant,” Chef Crain says of the back of house. Although the entire restaurant runs on local food, the opportunity to handle ingredients that come directly from soil, or from pastures mere miles away carries a kind of importance.

It means something to the talent at Good Word to be a part of the bigger picture. “When they see the quality of food we’re getting in [...] they get pretty excited. To see the local farms, and know where [the food] came from -they definitely enjoy that,” Crain says.

good word brewing (14).jpg

Across the board, we want everybody to just be having fun and learning.

Executive Chef Brian Crain

Supporting local food from the farm all the way to the kitchen is an idea, and Crain and his team are bringing that idea to life by working directly with Georgia farmers. “Farm’d made it smarter and easier for us to access all these ingredients,” Crain says.

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The ability to go online anytime and directly communicate with and buy from Georgia farmers through Farm'd has opened a whole world of options to Crain’s kitchen and allowed his staff to get their hands on the food grown and raised by their partners every day.

“We’ve been using Greener Roots a lot, more recently,” Crain says. “They do the personalized packaging and that shows that extra level of care, which is something that we do as well.”
That’s what the “Good Word” is all about -growing a community and bringing friends together over food. “We want people to come in here and have a meaningful dining experience or drinking experience,” Crain says.

Good Word is a restaurant by the community, for the community, and in support of the community. Chef Crain and his kitchen leverage direct relationships with local and family farms to bring their neighborhood the best possible choices. 

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