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April AgTech Update

This month, we’ve seen some savvy chefs and farmers using the simplest tech in ways that are absolutely life changing. Technology can sometimes be confusing -codes, errors, and privacy are still new to many, but it’s clear that even the smallest innovations can help the food world make more sense.

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AgTech Update

This month technology and food were really working hand-in-hand. Recipes on stone, smart speakers that order food, and more money in the industry means we're headed in the right direction. If you missed these cool innovations, read more about them below.

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Farm'd Is One Month Old!

Today, we're celebrating! Well, actually we've been celebrating everyday for a month because how can you not when our food systems are becoming more direct and transparent?

But today, specifically, we are raising a glass to one month of Farm'd being available for farmers to trasnport farm fresh food directly to inspired chefs in the state.

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Food and Tech Books: The Books You Missed in 2017 and What You Should Read This Year

This year we can surely say that food is so much more than just nutrients. Food is a lifestyle, it’s work, and it’s advancing quickly with the use of technology. From utilizing supercomputer IBM Watson for food pairings to following the scientific method to create fantastical dishes,the intersection at food and tech is evolving and changing the landscape of our food industry. 

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