Monthly Seasonal Feature: Broccoli

January trends are in -and hungry Americans are interested in broccoli this winter. Consumers are turning to this green to stay lean and on top of their New Year’s Resolution diets. According to U.S. Foods, the broccoli market spiked this week and supplies and demand are up!

The USDA is also reporting an interest in greens as the market ads have risen 4% for broccoli. So, not only is production up, but people across the country are incentivized to buy their greens.

So, how are chefs and consumers preparing their broccoli this winter? Check out the 3 broccoli trends below to inspire a 2018-esque twist on your winter vegetables.

Nose-to-Tail goes Root-to-Stem
We’re seeing a dramatic shift in the way chefs and produce workers are utilizing their veggies. A new move for root-to-stem makes use of the entire vegetable, even the less-used bits like stems and leaves. See this broccoli stem salad recipe to inspire your use of your broccoli. Waste not, want not!

Broccoli is the New Kale
Broccoli leaves have almost the same amounts of vitamins A and C as trendy and popular kale. Usually discarded, broccoli leaves can inject a healthy dose of vitamins, calcium and potassium to any meal.

Flourishing Florets in the Winter
As a winter vegetable, broccoli thrives in chillier temperatures. Beware though -The University of Wisconsin suggests protecting your crops when the temps drop below 40 degrees. Try anything from planting on a southern slope to utilizing windbreakers and other crops to shield your delicious florets from the winter chills.

We are deep in the throes of winter -stay tuned for two more winter features by following us on Facebook. Let us know how you’re incorporating winter seasonal products into your menus and businesses by dropping a comment below!