AgTech Update: 3 More Tech Stories You Missed in January

As January wraps up and we head into the last full month of winter, check out these tech stories, which are changing the way we navigate our food systems for the better. From videogame-like remote farming to bees’ preferences for pesticides, here’s what you’ve missed.

Furry Friends Win the War against Pest

A small study conducted in Africa by several national and international universities is suggesting that having more furry friends around your farm can help with your pest problem. Though unexpected, the results show that farms where felines AND canines are present have far less vermin than farms with one or the other, or neither cats nor dogs. Feel free to interpret this as filling your farm with as many cats and dogs that will fit will solve all of your problems.

bear creek cattle co (18).jpg



Farming Takes a Remote Turn With New Videogame-like Software

While we’re over here streamlining how farm-fresh food gets to savvy chefs, another food tech company is streamlining the farm itself. FarmBot is creating software that allows potential farmers to “plan your garden like a videogame”, which means anyone (from a home gardener to a multi-acre farmer) can plan, plant, and tend to their produce online. The engaging Farmville-esque interface makes it approachable and easy.

Honey Bees Prefer Fungicide-Laced Sugar

Struggles to revive the honey bee population start again after the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign released a new study saying that the bees prefer sugar syrup with pesticides over the untreated sugar stuff found naturally in the world. Unable to keep up with the quick-changing chemical landscape, bees (like humans) are finding chemicals so, so tasty. Tasty, but dangerous. The biggest implication following this study is that honey bees ingesting pesticides are having trouble processing the “good” chemicals used by farmers to help their bees. 

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