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Meet Your Local Producer: Andrew McBath at Banner Butter

There is no right way to prepare a dish, but there is a good way. Andrew McBath at Banner Butter is helping you do it the good way by making your butter with cream that’s exclusively sourced from “dairy farms that are doing it in a good way.” We can’t tell you the right way to cook, but we can say that supporting your friends and your community is the good way.

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Meet Your Local Farmer: Will Beattie at Bear Creek Cattle Company

When was the last time your beef was cultured with classic rock? The cattle at Bear Creek Cattle Company are more than just sophisticated -they’re raised on pastures in northern Georgia with the type of attention that can only be gotten from a family-owned farm. The small scale of a local family farm allows careful attention to the cattle at all stages, which, in turn, renders the highest quality beef.

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