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AgTech Update

This month technology and food were really working hand-in-hand. Recipes on stone, smart speakers that order food, and more money in the industry means we're headed in the right direction. If you missed these cool innovations, read more about them below.

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#FarmHack: Tips to Finding a Work-Life Balance

Farmers are busy people who wear many hats. Farmers are producers, marketers, veterinarians, packers, customer service representatives and distributors, just to name a few. Nearly three out of four farmers work 10 or more hours a day, on average.

Finding work-life balance on the farm is as big of a challenge as it is in other occupations. As a new season approaches, particularly the holiday season, it may be a good time to evaluate how you will spend your time between work and play.

Take a look at the #FarmHacks below to find a few tips to create more balance in your life.

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