Meet Your Local Farmer: Will Beattie at Bear Creek Cattle Company

When was the last time your beef was cultured with classic rock? The cattle at Bear Creek Cattle Company are more than just sophisticated -they’re raised on pastures in northern Georgia with the type of attention that can only be gotten from a family-owned farm.

The small scale of a local family farm allows careful attention to the cattle at all stages, which, in turn, renders the highest quality beef.


I get out there and I talk to them. I'll sing to them. We listen to everything.

Will Beattie to the tune of Phil Collins

'Til The Cows Come Home

Beef from Bear Creek is exceedingly healthy from the Georgia land the cattle are raised on. Grass-fed beef has been gaining popularity in America for its natural health benefits. For example, cattle that eat grass have a healthier fat profile than conventionally fed beef. There are plenty advantages to eating grass-fed beef, but it’s the way Bear Creek’s cattle are finished that seals the deal on fantastic taste.

I went for pure quality first. Everything else is just a side note.
— Will Beattie

Bear Creek’s beef is so delicious from having eaten a cultivated grain blend before being dry-aged for a minimum of 14 days.

Cattle that eat only grass and herbs during their life yield beef that is described as “wild” and… well, “grassy”. To prevent this pitfall, Will cultivated his own grain blend that the cattle enjoy for the benefit of our taste buds.

“If I can raise something that’s much healthier than anything else out there but it’s top quality in taste-grade, that’s the winner,” Will asserts. Finally, the beef is dry-aged (like fine wine), ensuring a richer flavor and more velvety texture in every cut. Dry-ageing is a process not many farmers opt for, but when it comes to delivering some of the best beef in Georgia, Will is glad to bring his cows to the table. 


Giving Power to Georgia Farmers

As technology merges into the food industry, Farm’d is focused on giving Georgia’s local farmers a way to set their standards. Strike the middleman and meet your community where they are.

The Farm'd platform gives farmers the ability to set their own prices and connect with a community of chefs that are in the market for pure quality local food.

Will has a dozen different cuts of classic-rock cultured beef available on the Farm’d marketplace that are priced for the longevity of Bear Creek Farm.