Your Food Is Going Bad

Your Food Is Going Bad

The food you order for your kitchen is going bad during the distribution process, before it even gets to you.

When ingredients go through industrial processing, distribution, storage, packaging, wholesalers, and food reps, the food is degrading before even arriving to your kitchen. It is being wasted. But it’s completely up to you how much of it is wasted.

Food waste refers to how much food is thrown out while it is still fit for human consumption. As a community, we are wasting 40% of all the food our hard working farmers grow to prepare, cook, and eat.

That’s a lot, but industry chefs can cut up to 15% of that loss with a simple tip. Get this...

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Waste Less Food, Even If You’re Short On Time

So what can you do to keep from throwing away a fourth of your products before you’re even able to serve them?

You can cut the cost of wilted, slimy lettuce and dried-out mushrooms by buying direct. The quality of big distributors’ food is horrible compared to the fresh ingredients that are available directly from the growers and producers.

“Chefs are way out in front of hunger issues and food waste issues,” chef and author Anthony Bourdain said in his documentary Wasted! The Story of Food Waste.

The food waste movement is a cause that has led chefs to both whole animal and root-to-stem styles of cooking. This has been very attractive to restaurant guests and consumers looking to do right by their communities.

“Now diners who support their local chefs and allow more off cuts or garbage fish on menus can reduce how much food is being thrown away,” USA Today reports.

How To Buy Direct And Curb Food Waste

All across the world, humans are wasting $1 trillion worth of good food. Shortening the supply chain is undoubtedly the most effective way to get the freshest, highest quality ingredients int restaurant and industrial kitchens.

  • Tip: Waste less by buying direct from the farmers on direct marketplaces like Farm’d.

Farmers and producers grow quality food and also make the ugly food that is normally thrown out available to chefs to buy direct on the Farm’d marketplace.

From weird-looking sweet potatoes to broken mushrooms, there is a selection of imperfect-looking products that are perfect to buy, so the farmers don’t have to waste these ugly (but delicious!) fresh ingredients.

Chefs are a group that we can trust with the food waste movement. Especially as the tools are made, industry professionals and savvy chefs can make changes in their ordering processes to cut into the food that is being wasted by distributors.

It’s fundamental instinct on the part of chefs who all came up in a system that abhorred waste and punished those who waste our of financial necessity, out of tradition.
— Anthony Bourdain

So, moving forward, we’re embracing the garbage fish, and celebrating all the ugly produce, and we’re making it available to buy direct from the farmers and producers.

Interested to know other ways to go direct and cut up to 15% of your kitchen’s waste habits? See how to give your ingredients a longer shelf life to cut your cost percentages on the Farm’d Blog.

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Julia Kahn