Farm'd Cetified

What Does it Mean to be a Farm’d Certified Establishment?

Take a glance at any menu in Atlanta and you’ll see the word “local” somewhere on it. But what does that really mean? Most chefs in Atlanta strive to get as many local ingredients as possible on their customers’ plates, while some use the word a bit loosely. It can be confusing to the sophisticated consumer who likes to know that their food was sourced locally, and in a fair and honest way. That’s why Farm’d launched the Farm’d Certified Establishment program.

When a restaurant is Farm’d certified they’re showing their customers that they care about supporting local farmers in a way that’s sustainable and fair. According to the National Farmers Union, farmers only earn 14 cents of every dollar that consumers spend on food because they have to deal with tight margins and middle men they don’t receive their fair share. Chefs at a Farm’d Certified Establishment values a process that is Direct, Transparent, and Favorable for farmers.

On average, food travels approximately 1,500 miles to reach your plate — and that’s rarely non-stop. But there’s fresh food being grown and raised by farmers within 150 miles. Farmers operate on a tight margin, though, and paying for distribution is costly. By working with Farm’d, their product is delivered directly to the chef’s kitchen door. There aren’t multiple stops along the way, and the food doesn’t sit on a truck, boat, or train for days. The chefs receive fresh food and are able to turn it into those beautiful, seasonally-driven dishes we love so much.

This streamlined process is transparent and favorable for everyone involved. The chefs know where their money is going: to the farmers. Not the food distributors and wholesalers. Farmers that use the Farm’d marketplace set their price. Farm’d charges a fee and the remainder goes to the farmers. This transparency also allows chefs to know where their food comes from.

Oftentimes, working with a large distribution company means not knowing who grew the produce that a chef receives. It’s ambiguous, a “Florida orange” or a “South Carolina peach”. With Farm’d, though, the chef knows that their carrots came from Aluma Farm in southwest Atlanta. They know that their milk comes from Southern Swiss Dairy in Waynesboro. They know that their shiitake mushrooms come from Ellijay. If a restaurant is Farm’d Certified, the customers know, too.

Best of all, everyone wins when a restaurant is Farm’d Certified. Farmers are able to make a higher profit thanks to a streamlined and direct system, and chefs are able to access products they may not have been able to before. And the food they buy hasn’t been traveling for days, which is a win for the customers, too.

Next time you dine out, look for the Farm’d Certified Establishment sticker. Not only does this mean that the chefs support local farmers, but you’ll know you are, too.

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