Frequently Asked Questions For Chefs

What Does Farm'd Cost me?

Farm'd is free to use and always will be.   Many members of our team came from the restaurant industry, and we wanted to make a change from the traditional role of middlemen in this industry- we made a platform without fees, so that costing is easy and convenient for our chef community.


Are all your products local?

98% of what our farmer community sells on Farm'd comes from within your state.  As we add more geographies to the Farm'd platform, we may start testing out of state products that are seasonally available, but we'll be sure to let you know before these products appear in your marketplace.  Additionally, we'll always offer you the choice of Farms that you connect with, giving you control over how local you want your kitchen to be.


Do I need a Smartphone to use Farm'd?

Farm'd works on all platforms, from mobile to desktop. We require a reliable internet connection at your home or restaurant, but otherwise, any technology you have on your farm works well when using Farm'd.  We have never run into a kitchen who can't use Farm'd for a technology reason.

Some of our chefs like to use SMS/ text messages to confirm orders and communicate with their farmers- ask your operations expert to have your notifications moved to SMS/ text message.


What is your Delivery minimum?

There is no delivery minimum on Farm'd.  Our platform works by allowing you to connect with farms you meet on our marketplace, a little bit like LinkedIn or a dating service.  This connection allows us to have fewer farms visible to you as a buyer, meaning you'll be encouraged to order more from fewer farms.  This all means we rarely have problems with delivery size.  When a farm decides to connect with you, we'll show that farm details like your average order size- meaning those farmers will know your approximate volume needs and will accept or deny your connection request based on the fit with their delivery minimum.



What about farms I already work with?

The prices you pay with existing farms won't change if you choose to use Farm'd to order.  We give a monthly credit back to our farmers for existing business they brought onto the Farm'd platform. 



Can I buy as an individual?

Currently, Farm'd only supports business-to-business transactions.  Using Farm'd, you can order on behalf of your restaurant, catering company or other business, but not as an individual. If you have an occasion that you would like to place a personal order, just let our team know and we'll do our best to accommodate your special request.  Note that all transactions on Farm'd require an EIN numbered business.



Which Products Can I Buy on Farm'd?

Currently, our marketplace sells products grown, raised or fished from the state of Georgia, as well as a few seasonal vegetables from surrounding states..  We don't require the primary inputs such as feed or seed to come from within the state.

If your restaurant is outside of the state and you're interested in bringing Farm'd to you, send us a message here.