Frequently Asked Questions For Farmers

Do I Deliver my products to chefs?

If you want to, absolutely.   Farm'd as a platform was built to allow our sellers to deliver direct, or to take advantage of a network of companies who provide shipping and logistics.  When you sign up to Farm'd, an operations expert will help you make the decision to ship yourself, or to outsource the driving to a carrier with an impeccable driving record and insurance.  

We provide you with the capabilities to work alongside our other farmers and share the costs of shipping, and we have trucks on the road at your service.


How Much Does Farm'd Cost?

Farm'd provides you with sales, marketing, inventory control, automated payment and support staff in exchange for 10% of your sales.  We allow you to add this fee to the total cost of your goods, or allow you to set your total price and have the fee be subtracted.

If you choose to work with a carrier or courier to ship your product, the fees incurred will be 100% transparent, ensuring you'll never be charged a penny more than the price of transport.

There are no setup fees or monthly fees for using Farm'd.


Do I need a Smartphone to use Farm'd?

Farm'd works on all platforms, from mobile to desktop. We require a reliable internet connection at your home or office, but otherwise, any technology you have on your farm works well when using Farm'd.

Some of our farmers like to use SMS/ text messages to confirm orders and communicate with their buyers- ask your operations expert to have your notifications moved to SMS/ text message.


Will My Products be Exclusive to Your Marketplace?

We do not guarantee exclusivity to any farmers on our platform.  Our sales and community teams will work with you to make sure that the key details that make your products special- from quality, to packing, to service, will shine through when you create your storefront.

If you have specific relationships that you would like to maintain on the Farm'd platform, we'll work with you to ensure that your existing sales arrangements will be maintained on Farm'd.



Do I need to move all my business onto Farm'd when I join?

You are free to use Farm'd as much or as little as you want.  We are happy to provide you with a one-time credit on any relationships you choose to bring onto the Farm'd platform; when you sign up, simply provide us with a list of clients you've sold to within the last 14 days, and we'll make sure to credit you for those buyers.



Can I sell to individuals using Farm'd?

Currently, Farm'd only supports business-to-business transactions.  Using Farm'd, you can meet chefs, grocers, and other businesses interested in local product.



Which Products Can I Sell on Farm'd?

Currently, our marketplace only sells products grown, raised or fished from the state of Georgia.  We don't require the primary inputs such as feed or seed to come from within the state.

If your farm is outside of the state and you're interested in bringing Farm'd to you, send us a message here.