Farm’d is a new way of connecting to local buyers.


Sign up for a demo today to see how you can connect with area chefs, cooks, and culinary artists that want to buy direct and serve your food local.


Feature 1 Highlight

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Transparency + Confirmation

Farmers have the ability to control their pricing and payout on the marketplace. With features like customizable deals and the ability to change availability and pricing at-will, the cost of the distributor truly is cut when you sell on Farm’d.


Producers on the Farm’d marketplace can to sell directly to buyers, and connect to new ones. Minimize the supply chain and take back your cut of the work by selling direct.

Logistics + Delivery

Confirm and adjust orders as they come to you in real time, and we’ll establish a delivery route that will get your fresh goods directly to your buyers in no time.


“Farm’d gave us access to producers we would have never known existed!

I love that anyone can use it -- so simple and a no-brainer for us.”

-Terry Koval, Restaurateur & Chef