Empowering the local food community for a better world.


Transparency for Buyers

Farm'd empowers buyers to connect directly with a network of Farms, cutting out middlemen and providing fresh food straight from the earth.  Find out how Farm'd can change your sourcing


Simplicity For Sellers

We want to help Farmers reclaim their supply chain across America by providing an amazing suite of tools to make direct marketing your products quick and easy.  Find out how Farm'd can empower your farm


A Fresh Food Marketplace

Farm'd supports agriculture in all shapes and sizes- from tiny single-product seasonal operations to some of the largest farms in America producing dozens of different products.  Find out how your farm can fit into our marketplace


A Connected Food System

The Farm'd platform connects buyers and sellers together in a totally new way, empowering the growth of a better food system that is more reliable, and more favorable to both buyer and seller.  Read our mission and why we built Farm'd