Internships at Farm'd

Joining Farm'd for a summer internship in 2018 gives you insight into one of the most dynamic startups in Atlanta.

Begin & End with Food.png

Begin & End with food

Farm'd is a marketplace that empowers and supports local food, and we practice what we preach.  Be part of a company that celebrates food and celebrates with food, every week.  Bring your friends or family to a Farm'd lunch from your first month on the job.

Be Challanged.png

Be challenged

Startups are tough, like really tough.  As a team, we value hard work and challenge, and are not afraid to learn new skills, new programming languages, or try new crazy ideas.  You'll never be bored.

Day 1.png

Be there from Day 1

Being early to a startup means you'll be part of something at inception, and have the seat at the table from the first moments.  More creativity, more influence, and more street cred.  At Farm'd, you'll always have a voice and a part to play in the startup story.

Part of our success.png

Be part of our success

When one of us succeeds, we all succeed. When one of us fails, we all work together to make it right.  As a company, we value to input and opinions you bring to the table.


cared for.png

Be cared for

Our values at Farm'd include caring for our team as much as we do our community of Farmers and Chefs.  We provide a suite of employee perks in health, wellness and personal development.  We want you at your best, feeling you best, every day.

be the change.png

Be the change

We practically skip into the office every morning, ready to be the change we want to see in the world of food.  Our product makes a real difference in the lives of farmers.  Do good, don't be evil, eat your greens.