Careers at Farm’d


Be There From Day 1

Being early to a startup means you'll be part of something at inception, and have the seat at the table from the first moments. More creativity, more influence, and more street cred. At Farm'd, you'll always have a voice and a part to play in the startup story.


Be Cared For

Our values at Farm’d include steward and trust. That means, when you work with us, you’ll be cared for as much as we care for our community of farmers and chefs.


Be Challenged

Startups are tough, like really tough. As a team, we value hard work and challenge, and are not afraid to learn new skills, new programming languages, or try new crazy ideas. You’ll never be bored.


Be Part of the Success

When one of us succeeds, we all succeed. When one of us fails, we all work together to make it right. Generous incentives mean you're part of our company in more than words.


Be the Change

Farm’d culture is defined by our grit, stewardship, efficiency and transparency. We persevere to be stewards of our great land and we will invest to see our farmers prosper.


“We’re building something that will reinvent food supply as we know it.”

- Chris Damico, CEO


“Farm’d is a big idea and has attracted people who aren’t afraid of a challenge

— people who aren’t satisfied with playing small.”

- Chris Lentz, Partner


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