Our Mission

Our nation’s farmers receive only 16% of every hard-earned dollar. [reference: NFU]

We are taking it back to basics, reconnecting our country’s farmers directly to the people who want their natural ingredients. Our mission is to empower these growers and producers to reconnect for a better world (to create sustainable, prosperous change in the way that we eat as Americans). So that, maybe, in that quiet moment before enjoying your dinner, you can know the farmer, who sustains all of us, from seed to service.


Our Value

We’re cutting out the middleman for a food system that is fair.


For every order a chef places directly with a local producer, we are all breaking down the barriers between buyer and seller and cutting out the middlemen of the world. In our perfect world, there are transparent tools available to our food community to do fair and favorable business.

This is our vision.


We believe in the power of community.

Our technology, in the service of farmers and chefs, is all about supporting relationships between food businesses, and empowering our users to forge new direct connections.

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